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To submit an audio play to the Soundwork competition, send the script as an attachment to and, on the top page of the script, put your name and email address, but these should not appear anywhere else in the attachment. Entries may be submitted from any part of the world. The play may be up to forty-five minutes long and may be on any theme. There is no fee to enter the competition and no acknowledgement of receipt will be sent. An entrant may submit any number of entries. The winner, in collaboration with Soundwork, will have the short story recorded and posted on the website, along with a photo and details. Copyright will remain with the author and Soundwork will retain rights to the recordings. Entries may have been broadcast/published elsewhere. Closing date midnight 30th April 2017. Keep an eye on this website for results - expected in May 2017.

Short Story Final Result

There are two winners of the competition:-

'Bigger than the Wind' by Jim Kroepfl
'Don't Trust Them, Daniel' by Kath Kilburn

Commiserations to those who came so close. The winning stories will be recorded and produced soon. Jim Kroepfl writes:-

Jim Kroepfl writes young adult novels and stories of mystery and adventure from the rustic town of Grand Lake, Colorado. He shares a mountain cabin with his wife, Stephanie, and their Chesapeake Bay retriever. Jim and Stephanie are avid world travelers who seek out crop circles, obscure historical sites, and mysterious ruins. Jim’s stories and articles have been published in the United States and England. When he’s not writing, he is a songwriter and performer.

Kath Kilburn writes:-

I think it's my inner control freak which makes me love writing. I can either be marshalling facts into logical order for an article or making my characters behave just so in a short story – either way, I'm in charge! No matter which of my several 'normal' jobs I've been working on at the time (as a librarian...teaching...running my wool shop...) there's generally been at least a little time left over in which to write. Mostly I've targeted the women's magazine fiction markets with humorous or heartwarming stories, but I think I've also – in a very low-level way – covered quite a range of nonfiction publications too. This would include my favourite temporary job from a few years' back – editing and writing for a local government department newsletter. Best zero hours contract ever.

Short Story Competition Shortlist

'One Moment' by Amanda Staples
'Bigger than the Wind' by Jim Kroepfl
'Muntjac' by Toby Norways
'Don't Trust Them, Daniel' by Kath Kilburn
'Pass the Parcel' by Annie Percik

Congratulations to those shortlisted. Entries came from many countries and included a wide variety of themes and styles.