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To submit a monologue to the Soundwork competition, send the script as an attachment to and, on the top page of the script, put your name and email address, but these should not appear anywhere else in the attachment. Entries may be submitted from any part of the world. The monologue may be up to fifteen minutes long and may be on any theme. There is no fee to enter the competition and no acknowledgement of receipt will be sent. An entrant may submit any number of entries. The winner, in collaboration with Soundwork, will have the monologue recorded and posted on the website, along with a photo and details. Copyright will remain with the author and Soundwork will retain rights to the recordings. Entries may have been broadcast/published elsewhere. Closing date midnight 31st August 2017. Keep an eye on this website for results - expected in September 2017.

Audio Play Competition 2017

'A Brother Born' by Dan Weatherer
'Hemlock Martini' by Seth Freeman
'Almost Ready' by Phil Taylor

It has been decided that there are three winners this time - unfortunately, all six on the shortlist can't be chosen. Congratulations to the three who made it. Their plays will be produced soon - probably within the next month or two - and a photo and details of all the authors appear below. Best wishes to everyone who entered - keep trying!

Dan writes:-
Dan Weatherer is represented by The Cherry Weiner Literary Agency.
Award-winning author/playwright/screenwriter Dan Weatherer, was first published byHaunted Magazine in Spring, 2013. Aside from the publication of numerous short stories with a multitude of presses, his next major project was a solo collection of short stories titled The Soul That Screamed.
A further two collections, Only the Good Burn Bright (Spring 2015, James Ward Kirk Fiction) and Neverlight (Spring 2016, Spectral Press) quickly followed. In 2017,Neverlight was shortlisted for the first annual Arnold Bennett Literary Prize.
His first non-fiction book titled What Dwells Within was released in the Autumn of 2015 and details the life's work of paranormal investigator Jayne Harris.
In 2015 Dan was shortlisted for the prestigious position of Staffordshire Poet Laureate 2016-2018.
An accomplished playwright, Dan was a finalist in the Blackshaw Showcase Award 2016 and a two-time finalist of theCongleton Players One Act Festival, 2016. Dan has had several of his plays appear at festivals and fringe events. His film projects have picked up numerous awards and have been shown internationally at festivals and conventions. Expect to see The Dead Stage, a book detailing Dan's experiences as a novice playwright appear via Crystal Lake Publishing in 2018.
2017 saw the release of Dan's historical novella, 'Crippen', courtesy of Spectral Press.
Dan lives in Staffordshire, where is married to his wife Jenni and is a (proud) full-time dad to his daughter Bethany, and his son Nathan.

Phil (second-time winner) writes:-

The advent of retirement and the availability of some extra time have led to a new focus on trying to write and also coping with the arrival of a dog. Having been cleverly outwitted by the latter ( you can read of my failures to become pack master at my blog ) I have really enjoyed attempting to put together some vaguely humorous writing. I am very grateful to all at Soundwork for the opportunity they have provided, and to those friends and relatives who might just catch glimpses of themselves in my work.

Seth writes:-

Seth Freeman's plays have been presented at over a hundred seventy theaters and festivals around the world. He has written for print (The New York Times, Southern Theatre Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, the Huffington Post, The Hill, etc.), screen and television, for which he created, most recently, the U.S. series Lincoln Heights. He has received multiple Emmys, Writers Guild Awards, Golden Globes, Peabody, P.E.N., First Amendment, Christopher, Humanitas and numerous other honors for screenwriting, fiction writing and journalism. He contributes non-writing time to community and international organizations dealing with health care, education, the empowerment of women and human rights.

Audio Play Competition 2017

'Listen to This' by Sapphire Allard
'A Brother Born' by Dan Weatherer
'Almost Ready' by Phil Taylor
'Last Breath' by David Bottomley
'Hemlock Martini' by Seth Freeman
'The Antic Notion' by A. J. Dehany

Congratulations to those shortlisted. With such a large entry and such varied themes and styles, it was difficult to make up a shortlist. Unfortunately, many fine plays have not made it this time but, remember, the results are a matter of opinion, not fact.